Refund and Return Policy

Please count fabric yardage immediately upon receipt. All claims must be made within THREE (3) days of receipt of goods.

Shortages must be reported immediately and before the goods are cut (at which point we will perform an inspection to verify the validity any claims). Cutting tickets are not proof of shortages.

It is the buyer's responsibility to test the fabric before cutting to meet specific requirements or applications. There will be no allowances, deductions, returns or claims accepted after THREE (3) days of receipt of goods.

Seller makes no warranty of merchantability or of the fitness of the goods for an specific purpose unless expressly specified by Seller. Buyer assumes full responsibility for fabric if the fabric is subjected to any additional processes by Buyer.

Buyer shall pay all reasonable costs and fees, including attorney's fees and expenses incurred by Seller in collecting monies due or become due hereunder. Buyer must cut each dye lot separately